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New Books
Private means : a novel
Before she was Helen
The eighth life (for Brilka)
In a midnight wood
Remain silent
A knife to the heart
The golden cage
The heir affair
Cruel acts
Tender is the flesh : a novel
Godshot : a novel
The bones of Wolfe : a border noir
The talking drum : a novel
Jack pine
Impersonation : a novel
The subtweet : a novel
Want : a novel
The hollow ones
Skin deep : a mystery
Les offrandes
Book of the little axe : a novel
What happens at night : a novel
50 Ways to Feel Happy
A merry Shopkins Christmas
Hello, Hedghog
TBH, you know what I mean
Never going back
Women who changed the world
Climate change
Little women
Dark Wizard
New Blood
Catching him
Hooking him
Baiting  him